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Look Who’s Supporting HGP13

Michael Wilson


As CMHA Toronto’s Holiday Gift Program approaches six decades of service, Margie and I are encouraged by its continuing impact on those living with mental illness. We believe in the importance of working hard for a fair chance and better life for everyone, especially those less fortunate that get up every day to make a go of it.

The Holiday Gift Program was born of that same spirit and, as it grows, so does our support for it.


Michael Wilson, Chancellor of University of Toronto, Former Federal Minister of Finance & Former Canadian Ambassador to the United States.


You too can lend a helping hand to warm our clients’ hearts during the holidays.

shutterstock_44959213 1 mittensYour contributions make an impact on the lives of real people in need. On their behalf, I hope you’ll join us again this holiday season to help us reach out to even more people isolated due to their mental illness.

Learn more about this year’s Holiday Gift Program and ways you can donate

Every year being able to bring something to the clients I work with is so important. It adds something special to the service that I can provide and shows that CMHA goes the extra mile to make sure our clients get a service that is above and beyond.

I even hear from the people I work with how much they look forward to what they might receive.

Some identify that nice smelling shower gel that other people would take for granted as the thing they are most appreciative to receive. 

I have also had people tell me that the thing they received was something that they have always wanted but would never have gotten without the holiday gift program. The gift can be an unexpected surprise and helps me to connect with a person on a different level then just a service provider.

The thing I am most grateful for the holiday program for is that when I leave the person is smiling knowing someone thought of them and wanted to give them a gift during the holiday season.

– CMHA Toronto Housing staff member