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Community Support Programs

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams

ACT Teams provides intensive support services for individuals with serious mental illness who have very complex needs, and who find it difficult to engage with other mental health services.

Case Management Services

Case Management Services help individuals with mental illness who need support with their day-to-day activities, such as banking, medical appointments, and budgeting.

Community Treatment Order Services

Community Treatment Order Services provide intensive support to individuals who have a mental illness and have been issued a Community Treatment Order to ensure they adhere to their treatment plan.


Early Psychosis Intervention Program (MOD)

The Early Psychosis Intervention Program helps youth who are in the early stages of developing psychosis, providing them with a full range of services to help them maintain their goals at work, at school, and within their social networks.

Family Support

Family Outreach & Response Program (FOR) provides recovery oriented support to people who care about someone experiencing a mental health issue.

Housing First Intensive Case Management (HFICM)

Housing First Intensive Case Management (HFICM) provides support to individuals in Toronto who are experiencing homelessness, and are living with mental health issues. It is our belief that all people deserve housing, and that adequate housing is a precondition for recovery.

Strengthening Communities in Scarborough

The Strengthening Communities in Scarborough team (SCS) is a multidisciplinary, intensive case management team established to serve individuals who reside at 140 Adanac Dr. in Scarborough. We provide support to increase mental health and physical well- being from a recovery- based perspective. The team consists of a Mental Health Nurse, Concurrent Disorders Specialist, Individual Support Worker, and Case Manager.

Transitional Youth Program

The goal of our Transitional Youth Program is to assist youth in regaining and maintaining age-appropriate milestones and minimize the disruption that mental illness can have on their lives.