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Case Management Services

Case Management Services help individuals with mental illness who need support with their day-to-day activities, such as banking, medical appointments, and budgeting.

Case Management Services

work with individuals with serious mental illness who require support to live and work in the community. Case managers promote independence and quality of life for these individuals by responding to their multiple and changing needs. They provide on-going support as needed by the client in order for them to stabilize, achieve their goals, and improve the quality of his or her life. Case managers also work to coordinate the services the client requires from across the mental health system, as well as other service systems (i.e., criminal justice, developmental, and addiction services). Integral to this process is the direct involvement of the client and the development of a caring, supportive relationship between the client and the case manager, and where appropriate, with the client’s family and supports.

Who are Case Management Services for?

• Individuals 16 years of age and older who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness
• Individuals who are living in Toronto, North York, Etobicoke and Scarborough
• Services are offered in Somali, Tamil, Dari and Pashto in Scarborough, and in French and Italian west of Yonge Street

Where are Case Management Services offered?

• Case Management services are offered in the community, in clients’ homes and in our offices.

How do you apply for Case Management Services?

• A Referral Form can be obtained by contacting The Access Point at 416-640-1934 or visiting their website at (The Access Point is an Intake Service that provides coordinated access for Case Management Services in Toronto).

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