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Early Psychosis Intervention Program (MOD)

The Early Psychosis Intervention Program helps youth who are in the early stages of developing psychosis, providing them with a full range of services to help them maintain their goals at work, at school, and within their social networks.

The Early Psychosis Intervention Program (MOD)

provides services to youth who are experiencing what may be the early signs and symptoms of psychosis. The program, which is recovery focused, works to promote early identification and treatment of psychosis. The program helps individuals achieve their goals at work, at school and within their social networks, thereby minimizing the impact of the psychosis. Services include assessment, the provision and coordination of treatment, education, case management, support and referrals to other services in the community by a multi-disciplinary team including a psychiatrist, nurses, social workers and occupational therapists. The program, which has a specialization in psychosis and mood disorders, also works closely with individuals’ families, providing them with education and supportive counselling.

Who are MOD Services for?

• Individuals between the ages of 16 and 34 who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis
• Individuals who have not yet received treatment for psychosis, or who have had less than one year of treatment for psychosis from other mental health services
• Services are available to residents of the City of Toronto living between Victoria Park Avenue and Islington Avenue, and Steeles Avenue and Bloor Street
Where are MOD services offered?
• MOD Services are offered in the community, in clients’ homes, or in our offices.

How do you apply for MOD services?

• A Referral Form can be obtained by contacting The Access Point at 416-640-1934 or visiting their website at (The Access Point is an Intake Service that provides coordinated access for Case Management Services in Toronto).



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